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Czechoslovak Biological Society was established already in 1922. Due to extensively ongoing specialization in life sciences, there was an imminent need to establish a society specialized for research of a cell. Historically, scientists have approached the understanding of cell function in three ways.  Biochemists and molecular biologists tend to look at the mechanisms of reactions that occur under cell-free conditions, often from purified components.  Geneticists have isolated mutants that affect cell function and use the resulting phenotypes to deduce the function in vivo of particular proteins.  Finally, morphologists and structural biologists have tended to carefully observe the structure of the cell and its constituents under varying conditions, and use changes in structure to deduce the functional role of various cellular regions, macromolecular complexes or individual macromolecules.  In several last decades, a synthesis of all of these disciplines has been steadily emerging under the term of "Cell Biology".  Cell biologists combine all these approaches to attack problems of cell function.

The Czech Society for Cell Biology, z.s. was established as the independent Society in 2014. The Society has grown out of the Cell Biology Section of the Czechoslovak Biological Society, with the continuity of its aims being preserved. The Society is involved in research progress in all disciplines of cell biology. The Society has extensive teaching activities that include both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Society also helps to promote the careers of early career investigators, and is involved in the organization of lecture courses, as well as local and international symposia, workshops and practical courses.


Czech Society for Cell Biology, z.s.

The Society is registered under number L 61433 at the city court of Prague.
Society address: Albertov 2048/4, Nové Město, 128 00 Praha 2


Bylaws of the Czech Society for Cell Biology, z.s. (in Czech)

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